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AMG Group – Rossignol – Slide 2018.

SLIDE 2018

Back with the AMG Group

SCENExhibitions once again provided the stand at this years Slide 2018  tradeshow for our lovely friends at the AMG Group. We installed their trusted stand with some interesting tweaks as well as a swish new display stand. This gave them a great platform to sell items from the Rossignol brand.

With two TV’s playing videos, and enough shelf space to put a shop to shame the stand looked great. The white walls were striking and the artwork provided by AMG added the wonderful contrast of colours.


The install of this stand at Slide is it’s fourth year at this tradeshow and it’s 15th and final outing all told for the AMG Group. We have built and continue to build robust and enduring stands that are both striking and versatile. This stand also works for the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, The Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC and the Outdoor Trade Show for AMG and the Vango camping brand.

Another Successful Stand Build

With limited time to install this stand we once again successfully created a quality stand. A 2 day build and 7 hour takedown limit SCENExhibitions once again delivered. The team pulled together to create a great looking stand for Slide 2018.

Thanks for reading,


New Year Excitement at SCENExhibitions

Welcome to the New Year at SCENExhibitons.

New and Existing Clients make 2018 Exciting

Happy New Year to one and all and we hope have had as much fun and excitement as we have. We have a had a busy start to the year working on projects for new and existing clients. AMG Group have taken the Rossignol brand to Slide 2018 once again while GWR are once again attending the Business Travel Show with a little help from us. We have new work coming through with a set refurb for Jendagi Productions 2018 tour of Menopause the Musical. There are a lot of other exciting projects coming through that we can’t talk about right now. Keep watching this space to see our exciting developments.

Keep Looking at our Website

We want to remind you about our free stand estimate calculator while also looking through all of our past work to see the kind of thing we can create. We want you to come and speak to us feeling confident that our service is bespoke to you.

Thanks for reading Team SCENE.


Price your new custom exhibition stand

We are seeing more and more people using the price calculator on our website and clearly it is a great resource for the industry.

Just a reminder that you can access it here https://www.scenexhibitions.com/calculator/

It is a great ready reckoner for budgets and we promise not to call you unless you send a copy to us for firm costings!

Have a great summer season!


May News and our Free 3D Design Service

SCENExhibitions - 3D Render

SCENExhibitions – 3D Render

As May draws to a close, we have had an exciting mix of activity including providing the fitout works to AMG Groups showroom warehouses in Linwood, Paisley for their 2018 product launch, which appears to have been very well received. Unfortunately we can’t show you any pictures as yet as its all very under wraps until later this year! We are also launching our Free 3D Design Service for new projects.

We have also had the great pleasure to provide custom made theatre sets and scenery to three great customers, namely Cadzow Academy who produced an amazing performance of Joseph in East Kilbride, Vivace Theatre School who produced a showcase at Websters Theatre and Eastbank Academy who have their end of term show next week.

We are now preparing to deliver Vango’s next trade show to Outdoor 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Germany in the mid June. This year features a new shaped stand in a new location. With European shows, preparation is key and with a looming deadline, everyone is working hard to make sure all the small details are just perfect.

As mentioned, we are also now offering a Free 3D Design Service to new customers wishing to develop either a new exhibition stand or shop/bar fitout. As ever, no obligation to have us produce and install it thereafter, but we obviously are hopeful that you will appreciate our world class concepts enough to move forward with their creation! Please contact Iain on iain.munro@scenexhibitions.com or call 0141 248 8330 if you wish any more info.

The Grass is Always Greener

The grassy stage is set

SCENExhibitions are working tirelessly with their clients at Vango to get their 64,000 square foot showroom ready for product launch of the 2018-19 range of Vango products and associated brands. This is an annual shopfitting exercise with ever inventive ways to display the ranges of new and exciting products. The product launch is followed swiftly by a campaign of exhibitions in the UK and Europe spanning the summer and into the autumn. The outdoor world is busier than ever and we are delighted to be involved. #summeriscoming #vango_outdoor


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Exhibition Stand Cost Calculator

60 Second Online Cost Calculator for your new Exhibition Stand

Drawing on our years of experience building custom exhibition stands, we have now developed a free online cost calculator for you to use whenever you need. Its very simple, just fill in the boxes and it will total it all up for you! You can even email the breakdown to yourself for reference.

This is just a handy tool for those occasions when you need an answer in 60 seconds.

And of course, if you’d like to speak to us about a proper detailed quote, we would love to hear from you.


Coming Soon!

Custom Exhibition Stand Pricing Calculator

We are developing a quick estimation tool to allow anyone to cost up a custom build of an exhibition stand. Whilst it will not be a cast iron quote, it will be an excellent estimation of costs based on our years of experience in the industry. Just answer the questions with your dimensions and spec and it will give you a cost for fabrication and delivery & installation. You can even email the results to yourself for reference!

This will be released before the end of the year so look out for it in the next fortnight!


Time Lapse

Outdoor Trade Show 2016 at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on behalf of our clients AMG Group.

Vector or Raster (Not Bob Marley)

The question of artwork and its various options always confuses people and every print company does it differently but this is a bit of information to perhaps help you to decide what you actually want in terms of quality and why. So typically artwork is created on a computer with a small screen which then needs to be blown up and printed on a big printer. A couple of considerations when determining quality: 1. how big will this be when printed 2. how close will anyone get to it. So if the closest anyone is going to get to it is 100m away, it can be very low resolution and still look flawless from this distance. By comparison, if its a wall covering on an exhibition stand where people and products are going to be right next to it, you probably want to have the resolution as high as possible.

Store all of the above and we will come back to that momentarily. The next consideration is whether you use (or are able to use) vector graphics or raster graphics in your initial creation of the image. The two are created very differently and scale up in size very differently. A raster graphic is the most common type. It is millions of little coloured dots (or pixels) all grouped together to make up the image. Interestingly this is how an inkjet printer also prints the image, by printing millions of tiny coloured dots to make up the image. If you design a nice raster image on your computer and then scale it right up, you actually do this by just making each of the dots bigger. So on your computer they may be the size of a speck of dust but if you scale it up enough, to cover the side of a building for example, each dot may end up the size of a 50p piece by the time you are done and look very blocky when up close. Resolution is measured in dpi or Dots Per (square) Inch. When you create an image, you will tell your design program what dpi you want to work to (300dpi or 600dpi are fairly common). The more dots you cram into each square inch in the design, the smaller they are and so the smaller they will be in the final print when you blow it up and therefore the higher the resolution of your final print.

The down side of higher resolution designs of course is that file sizes go up meteorically so frequently you will create a design and then perhaps have to send it to your printer as a scaled down version of the original because its just simply unworkably big. This of course means your intentions of high resolution go out the window but thats the balance that needs to be struck. More dpi = more pixels = more dots of colour information to store therefore more data and larger files.

The final piece of this jigsaw is the vector image. These are particularly good for logos and designs but don’t really apply to photograph based images. Imagine you have a line from point A to point B on an image. This would be recorded in a vector image as “Draw a line, 1 pixel wide from 0 to 10” The joy here is that if you scale this vector image up, you just change the instructions. So to get a line which is 10 times the width and length, the imaging program just changes the instruction to “Draw a line, 10 pixels wide from 0 to 100” So two things of benefit here. 1. you can create a drawing on your computer with its small screen and then scale it up to any size without losing any quality as the printer just prints the instructions with a nice sharp edge and 2. the file sizes are very small by comparison as its just a series of instructions rather than data on the colour of every pixel on the print.

Combine this with the questions of quality in the first section and you can make an educated guess on where to start your design quality.

Why your designer goes nuts when you turn up with a kettle

240 volt (240V) is the power supply that we use in the UK in our homes and what most standard non-industrial equipment uses to power it. This includes fridges, coffee makers, kettles, mobile phone chargers, lighting etc. This is single phase power. The difference between Single and Three phase power will be covered another time.

Power to your event or stand is very simple to understand and very easy to calculate. You will have heard the terms watts, kilowatts and amps floating around when your designer asks for a list of what all you need on your event. They are all just units of measurement to explain how much power something uses. There are 1000 watts (1000W) in a kilowatt (1kW) and 1 amp (1A) equals 240 watts (240W). So to convert from amps to watts or kilowatts, you just use some simple maths. 1 amp (1A) equals 240 watts (240W) so 4A equals 960W (4 x 240) or just less than a kilowatt. Similarly, 3 kilowatts (3000W) is the same as 12.5 amps (3000/240). So this way you can either multiply or divide to get the figures you need. And once you know all the figures for the pieces of equipment you have, just add them all up and it will give you the total supply you need.

There are limits to what each cable can carry, what each plug can cope with, what each breaker or fuse trips at and ultimately there is a limit to the main supply to your stand or event. So you need to know all the bits of equipment you want to plug in so you can work out whats needed so the whole system will work and work safely. Good designers will always make sure there is a bit of spare in all their calculations for last minute additions! As an aside, when you order a power supply to a trade stand, it will either be in individual sockets, which are usually specified in watts (500W, 1kW or 3kW), or a single big outlet which you will plug distribution equipment into and it is specified in Amps. Events usually have a supply provided from a building or a generator. And now you know how to change between the two and why its a real pain when someone adds a 3000W kettle to the mix when it wasn’t designed for!

We have put a spreadsheet together which is downloadable here which will do the maths for you but essentially, its all just adding, multiplying or dividing to get the answers you need.

And if you want some free help with your calculations, please contact Iain on info@scenexhibitions.com or call on +44(0)141 248 8330.


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